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Affrodable programming for every student

  • Location Based Tutoring

  • In-Home Tutoring


Choose the Plan that Works for You!

K-12th Grade Students

Location Based Tutoring



Pay per Session

Students Are Busy!

We know how difficult it is to commit a part of your week out for studying when you have sports, orchestra, church, and family time all to cram into each week.


With Educate WNY, we work around the schedule and locations that work best for you!

Available for students K-12! Book a session here and there and we will take care of the rest.

K-6th Grade Students

In Home Tutoring 



Pay per Session

If it's butterflies in your stomach or something else, we've got you covered. Educate WNY has tutors trained in the necessary skills needed to take major exams such as the SATs, NY State Tests, ACTs, or NYS Regent Midterm or Final exams.​

Or even preparing for upcoming unit tests, homework assistance and more!

Educate WNY offers homework support, essay/exam assistance and classroom enrichment practice for students K-12th Grade!

Meet & Greet for New Students

Unsure about Educate WNY?

We understand how important it is that your child is in safe hands, and when it comes to their academic studies you want them to be in the best possible fit so they can truly thrive. That's why we allow new students to meet with their tutor virtually or at a local location (such as a library or coffee shop) test out our program and see for themselves what we are all about. All we ask is that at the end, you provide us with a simple testimonial review so our tutors can learn too!

Academic Assistance Program

Are you a head of a bustling household full of young eager minds, or perhaps just need a little assistance? We've got you covered.

We at Educate WNY pride ourselves in providing affordable tutoring to all students, period. If you are a low-income household, are or have been in the military, and/or have a lot of students, you may be applicable for reduced pricing via our Academic Assistance Program. To apply, please fill out the following confidential form:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Educate WNY?

How Does Tutoring Work?

How Does Payment Work?

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How Do I Apply for Academic Assistance?

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