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Students kindergarten through sixth grade go through pivotal transformations during their elementary school years as they are introduced to new subjects and learning experiences. Providing them with the tools they need to meet these challenges gives them the motivation, confidence and skills to succeed in school and beyond.

At Educate WNY, we understand the importance of childhood learning experiences and design elementary school tutoring programs that are individualized, interactive, challenging and fun for students. The very nature of learning is an evolving challenge, and we want to equip our elementary school students with life-long skills to be able to thrive in challenging academic circumstances. Elementary school tutoring is helpful for students to develop a strong learning foundation while gaining confidence in their abilities.


Our goal at Educate WNY is for our elementary school students to cultivate the skills, confidence and motivation needed for academic success.

With 13 learning centers across Western New York, our tutoring and test prep centers are convenient and easily accessible. Call us at (716) 201-0430‬ to find out if a Educate WNY Learning Center is located near you or search our directory map here.

Reading & Phonics

Strong reading and comprehension skills are important for students to be able to learn independently in every elementary school subject. Students will use reading skills in every facet of the classroom from textbook content to test directions, math word problems and more. Our elementary school reading tutors will begin with teaching phonics, basic reading skills, vocabulary, and spelling. More advanced tutoring topics will explore reading comprehension, word meaning, critical thinking skills and more.


Having a strong foundation in writing is a vital skill that students will benefit from for their entire lives. Writing allows us to logically organize and communicate ideas efficiently and effectively. Our experienced writing tutors understand the power of writing and the effect it can have in school and beyond. We offer writing skills as part of a student's learning program to improve skills in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, sentence writing, paragraph writing and more.

Our elementary school math tutoring program focuses on building a strong foundation of math skills that students will use for later learning. Our elementary school math tutors will help students master skills in number formation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents. We aim to make math easy to understand by emphasizing math skills and problem-solving skills.

Our Tutoring Process 

We begin our customized tutoring process with a comprehensive academic evaluation to pinpoint a student’s overall strengths and weaknesses. Our evaluation will also reveal unique learning styles so our tutors know how to most effectively approach and communicate concepts to your student.

Based on the results we'll develop a personalized learning plan targeted to meet your student’s needs. Your child will receive individualized tutoring from one of our certified teachers to build and enhance the skills they need for academic success – leading to improved performance and better grades on quizzes, tests, and report cards. And with your permission, we keep you and your child’s teachers at school informed with regular conferences to discuss progress.


To get a snapshot of your child’s current skill level, we will first conduct a comprehensive academic evaluation.

Educate WNY's tutoring programs for elementary school students are the perfect solution to help your student conquer his or her academic goals. Our tutoring centers will inspire students to become academic leaders in the classroom and will cultivate a love for learning.

Call our team today at (716) 201-0430‬. Let us show you how we can help your elementary school student boost his or her grades and love for education.


Educate WNY is the tutoring and test prep leader. Its certified tutors provide individualized instruction in elementary and middle school reading, phonics, writing, study skills, math, Algebra through Calculus, Chemistry, Regents and AP courses. It preps for the SAT and ACT, as well as state and standardized exams. Educate WNY programs develop the skills, confidence, and motivation to help students of all levels succeed and meet the needs of New York State Common Core Standards. Founded in 2019, Educate WNY's mission is to give every student the best education possible.


Today can be the day you and your child start down a new path to academic success.

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